At ARGO, we are always looking for self-driven candidates to join our team. Below are our current opportunities:

Undergraduate Opportunities

ARGO has opportunities for undergraduate training, which includes reaching out to participants and conducting questionnaires, processing MRI scans, and learning from our faculty and staff. College credit or work studies are available on a case by case study.

Staff Opportunities

Our staff members are hired through UPMC. Current listings are below:

Graduate Student Opportunities

Graduate (PhD) Training for Bioengineers in Psychiatry Research

The goal of the Bioengineering in Psychiatry Training Program is to provide Bioengineering PhD students with a solid foundation in quantitative and computational science, and in the models and constructs of mental health research. Consistent with the NIMH strategic plan, we envision an increasing role for quantitative and computational science in psychiatric research.  The trainees of this program will be uniquely qualified to help lead development and use new technical bioengineering approaches to address mental health research challenges.  Not only, we envision that the graduates will become independent investigators leading their own programs of mental research, we expect them to contribute as members of the 32 faculty research programs to advance our understanding, prevention, and treatment of mental health disorders.  This goal is accomplished via a coordinated and mentored interdisciplinary training program with a combination of core and elective courses, clinical experiences, research activities, and training opportunities to facilitate professional and career development. The training program incorporates faculty with varied background and expertise in bioengineering (neuroimaging, neurostimulation, and neural engineering) and in mental health disorders (mood disorder, anxiety, psychosis, suicide, and cognitive impairment) to provide a unique educational and research experience at the forefront of psychiatric research.

Post-Doctoral Opportunities

Clinical and Translational Research Training in Geriatric Psychiatry

This training program aims to develop outstanding researchers in late-life mood disorders who can communicate and function effectively at the interface of clinical and basic neuroscience and/or geriatric mental health services research. The program is grounded in Geriatric Psychiatry research in the Department of Psychiatry and also draws upon the resources of the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center in order to enhance the access of fellows to basic biological and neuroscience laboratories