The ARGO Neuroscience of Aging Lab focuses on what happens to our brains as we get older by focusing on the elderly and the aging. Our studies focus on the changes that normally occur as we age, as well as taking a closer look at patients with anxiety, depression, and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Our team consists of medical professionals, trained clinical and analyst staff, as well as students from the University of Pittsburgh. We partner with a number of labs doing research in various fields, which gives us a wider look at geriatric research at large. In addition, we conduct MRI scans in a number of our studies to get an in-depth look at what’s changing in our brains over time.

The goal of our lab is to further the knowledge of what happens as we age and to assist in making the process of aging as smooth as possible.

We have a number of studies ongoing right now, and you have an opportunity to contribute to the current research landscape for the geriatric sciences. Most will include compensation for your time, and some even include cost for transportation to and from our research lab. More importantly, you’ll have access to licensed doctors who specialize in working with older adults, or adults who may be suffering from anxiety or depression issues. If you’re interested in reading further about or participating in our studies, we encourage you to reach out here.